Sweet Bottom Plantation Homeowners Association would like to thank Jim Strickland of Historical Concepts located in Peachtree City, Georgia for his generous help in recounting the early planning and development process of our unique community. Jim was initially retained as the architect and master planner for the traditional neighborhood concept of Sweet Bottom by prominent developer and land owner Scott Hudgens, and designed the majority of individual residences including an extensive collaboration on the New Orleans Garden District section with builder Chip MacPherson. Sweet Bottom Plantation could not have attained such a high level of architectural diversity, feeling of genuine warmth and graceful elegance had it not been for the vision and attention to detail of Jim Strickland.

The Association would also like to express its gratitude to Sweet Bottom resident Karen Lukas-Hardy for the majority of original photography and resident Tom Hardy for his research and coordination efforts. Additionally, numerous photographs were contributed by Historical Concepts.

Frank Markham
Sweet Bottom Plantation Homeowners Association